Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And now, to start...

I'm one of those people who can start a thousand projects and keep at them only until something else catches my fancy. I will return to old projects when inspiration strikes, or someone reminds me there was a deadline. Hopefully this blog will let me share those fancies with you, and at the same time remind me to keep up with them!

I've been reading my friends' blogs trying to figure out how I'm going to do this. Humor isn't my strong point, nor do I like 'cutesy'.  I'm a nerd. actually, so if my blog tends toward science fiction references or Monty Python, bear with me

Over time, I will be adding my projects and how-tos, listing my own projects and products; some that I will have available on my etsy shop, sharing favorite products from other blogs and etsy shops, sharing the process and results and of creativity exercises, and much more.

I was just looking at writing creativity exercises so I could get inspiration to describe my jewelry that I want to sell on etsy.  This is a difficult subject for me, so the creativity exercise I found tells me to play with adjectives and metaphors while describing something I'm looking at.  Hmm...metaphors are especially hard for me because I'm such a literal person, but here goes:

I'm looking at a glass with cola and ice in it.  How do I describe it? I'll give myself fifteen minutes.

This glass is a deep and murky lake with icebergs.  This glass is a dark well infused with cold crystals.  This glass is getting emptier as I describe it.  This glass is a series of connected crystal pillars holding in a dark secret and cool treasure.  This glass is a vessel of sweet delight.  This glass is a black blot on my diet.  This glass is a tube of cascading bubbles crashing against floating islands as they escape into the atmosphere.

You should try this exercise, too, and see what inspiration strikes you!

My next post will contain actual product descriptions I've developed as a result of this exercise.  Wish me luck and success!